When you stroke in the dark it cums in the light…

I have always loved watching guys stroke off their dicks in front of me. Even pictures of rock hard cocks being held by their masters and dominated into submission gets me wet.
Maybe that’s a rough way to describe watching a guy jerk off but it’s the only way I can think to describe it. I’m not real great with words.

Tonight I was surprised by my neighbor when I caught him jerking off behind my place. I totally didn’t expect to run into him but couldn’t help but stare at his rock hard cock as I saw his stiffness between his jacket and the top of his sweatpants. His balls rested against the elastic waistband.

So by now, dear reader, you can totally imagine that I am not likely to have just let it end there. Where’s the happy ending in that? So I grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and proceeded to lead him into my house. Since he was so eager to take a peek into my bedroom I decided that he should have a tour of it personally provided by yours truly. Part of this tour included me demanding he lay on his back on my floor or else I would be forced to contact the authorities for his trespassing and offenses. This demand made him willing enough. I sat on his head and pressed my two feet against his crotch. I jerked him off until he came.

So let this be a lesson learned, dear reader, when you stroke off in the dark you may still be forced to cum in the light.


Until next time!


Anal Ansley