Confessions of a Phonewhore… Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I guess I was always going to end up a Phonewhore. I may be barely legal but I have plenty of phonesex experience that I didn’t know I could tap into.


And it still is! I am super excited to share my Phonewhore journey with you. I started going in chatrooms and ended up flirting with so many guys that I absolutely could not keep control of it.

It became my obsession. Very soon I found myself preferring to staying in on the weekends to have phonesex with the guys. Meanwhile my friends were drinking wildly at bars and clubs. I am a country girl at heart so I really did not mind staying in away from the big city while getting attention from dozens of guys.

So when it came time for me to get an actual job I was totally upset. How could I balance actually working at some office with having Phonesex? Well good thing I knew Candie CreamMe! She told me that I could get paid for phonesex with guys.

From there I was not hard to convince. Getting paid to have Phonesex beats the hell out of scooping ice cream in my cowgirl boots. Which was one of my better options at the time. Also, I have plenty of kinky experience.

Naturally I am a submissive girl who loves to please and this allows me to do to that while cumming at the same time. Check out my profile for more of what I am into.

Simply click the link below to get satisfied by me. I look forward to chatting with you for years to cum.

Yours truly,

Anal Ansley

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