Forced Intoxication… Cum Open Your Mouth For A Double Shot CALL 844-2-BONE-ME #Phonesex

Bring Your Dick Back To The Bar

Many of you reading this have been there. A drunken night out with the guys that ends in you waking up in a foreign bedroom with your dick pointing sideways.

And you didn’t mean to end up there when you started your night. Or did you? Did you know as you knocked them back that wherever your dick decided to swell that night would be a good fit?

You forced yourself. Be honest. What would have made that experience so much better would be if I had forced you to do it. Knock back those shots and get loose. Edge until your body convulses. Find new uses for your dick. Open your mouth for more than just a shot of whiskey… if you get my drift.

If you haven’t had a forced intoxication call with me then you have no idea of the ride that you have been missing. Let’s talk about it tonight. I’m up and you’re ready.

Until next time dear reader,

Candie CreamMe