Jizz On His Face… Facials, A Hidden Fantasy Of The Weakest Of Men

Whether it is from the jizz shot out of a huge dick or a self-inflicted, purposefully directed shot from their own zooming toward their face; some guys have a thing for facials.

The dicks can be of all shapes and sizes. Some of the manliest men who have giant cocks to match still like to receive a hot facial.

This kinky fetish is not the same as a guy who just likes to eat his own cum. No. These guys totally love the feeling of the hot gooey cum dripping down their skin. That is not to say that they don’t like eating it but the distinction should be made.

I am interested in knowing WHY you guys enjoy it. Is it the sensation of it on your face? Or the act itself and the attention that you get from being so very submissive?

What about cum facials turns you on the most?

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Until next time dear reader,

Brooklyn Desire

The Humiliatrix