Do You Fantasize About Licking Black Balls? Tell Me All About It!

If you are not fantasizing about licking black balls, then is your wife? Chances are one of you is.

Many men have shared their desires to have them in their mouth while chatting with me casually. It is no big deal to them. Simply a part of pleasing the man below his dick. More on the related subject of rimming can be found at the link.

With that being said these guys are not trying to dispel the superior black man myth. They are encouraging it by playing into it. Now I know guys who have gone wild with faggotry and insist on letting the black balls marinate in their mouths. Although, maybe that is appropriate because they are eating everything down there.

Trust me there are a ton of tales of men sucking fat black balls that I hear daily. For many of you I am your only friend. If your perfect idea of a best friend is a set of black balls to lick then call me. I will be your best friend.

Until next time dear reader,

Candie CreamMe

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Hand Humper… I Am Here To Call You Out On Your Weakness!

Let’s just go ahead and put it out there if you are a hand hamper you have not gone entirely unnoticed.

There are plenty of your kind hiding in plain sight. Walking with far too much confidence into conference rooms as if you have some reason to be making more money than the Receptionist.

I have seen many a hand humper complain about their latte not being made properly at Starbucks but have to hide their eyes from me because they know they are going home to wack off thinking about me. They cannot get the girl who is the receptionist or the barista at Starbucks. They can get five fingers and a frustrated hard on.

Am I talking to you dear reader? Are you a wack off boy by night while pretending to be a big man during the day. If so I see you. I get callers like you each and every night. Men that can’t hold onto anything but their dicks because pussies like mine are always just beyond their reach.

Cum you little hand humper and claim your seat on the Phone Sex train with me. Try not to dribble before we start our call.

Until next time dear reader,

Brooklyn Desire

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On Your Knees Beta! Meet Victoria… Your New Five Star Dominatrix

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Much can be said about our newest 5 Star Lady of the PhoneBoneMe Network, Victoria. And everything said about her is domineering and impressive. Don’t believe me? Check out her profile!

Because, you see, Victoria is a Master of many men already. So much so that anyone who stumbles upon her path is ordered to literally bow down before facing her. In fact “On your knees beta” is her hallmark calling to her sissies and faggots and any man who dares to face her.

Victoria will turn the strongest man into the weakest, lowliest cocksucker the world has ever known. And she does so with unanimously excellent reviews. Truly her beta men adore her. We are sure you will too.

And those turned out faggots and sissy boys have brought her superior talents to our network here at PhoneBoneMe. Join The Ladies of PhoneBoneMe, our VIP Members and all of our new callers in welcoming this lovely, talented Dominatrix to our team!

Now go ahead you lowly beta, click below to get Victoria’s attention. Get ready and hold on for a passionate, life changing ride.

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Until next time dear reader,

Candie CreamMe