The Phone Sex Princess Is Back… With A Sexy British Accent

A few years back I decided to move to the United Kingdom. Now I can consider myself a British Phone Sex Princess.

phone sex princess

I actually have some family that lives outside of London and had always dreamed of having the chance to spend a great of time with them. Truly, I wanted to immerse myself in a culture. Had my family been able to stay in London then I would have been born there instead of here in America. I felt it was a bit of destiny.

With my move came a host of changes. I was able to maintain my role here with The Ladies of PhoneBoneMe but otherwise my life became immediately different. Thankfully I was able to get the chance to visit some sex related events throughout Europe which worked really nicely in inspiring my Phone Sex work.

On a personal level I was able to learn a lot about myself as a submissive woman. See, in Europe and the UK I felt a lot less shame in pursuing interests related to submissive women and dominate men. To say I loved it would be an understatement.

Overall I found that the Brits and Europeans have a far more relaxed point of view when it comes to sexuality. I became free enough to candidly admit to anyone that I like being handcuffed and mounted by my lovers. I will miss the wonderful nude beaches and sex clubs the most. But I will bring back, across the pond so to speak, my super cool British accent. Not that my cousins were in posh or stayed in nice flats but it was impossible not to pick up on their unique dialect.

Until next time dear reader,

Anal Ansley, Your International Phone Sex Princess

ansley barely legal phone sex anal princess

GFE, The Infamous Girlfriend Experience… And Why You Need It

You may see the GFE, otherwise known as The Girlfriend Experience, on our Phonesex Menu.

gfe the girlfriend experience

I am one of the Ladies featured on that page and I understand many people are curious. Just exactly does it entail? The easiest way I can explain it is by saying it is the ultimate girlrfriend experience when you have it with a Phone Sex Lady.

I totally think about my boyfriends all the time and I know they are thinking of me too. And because of that I am always thrilled to hear from them. Especially if they have a woman in their life the doesn’t know about me.

Unlike the girlfriend experience you could have with an escort, with us it is a ton safer, cheaper and will never end up with you being exposed to your wife and community. No mugshots or handcuffs (unless, of course, that is what you are into). Absolutely no solicitation charges involved.

With me nothing could be easier. We speak as intimately as you like and as often as you need. Perfect for anyone in the Men Going Their Own Way scene.

So the next Friday evening when it is yucky outside and you really don’t feel like going to a nightclub to score a phone number- remember instead how easy it is to dial 844-2-BONE-ME.

Just make sure you ask for the Brooklyn Desire GFE.

Until next time dear reader,

Brooklyn Desire

brooklyn desire phone sex



Men Going Their Own Way…Take My Phone Sex Along For The Ride!

Men Going Their Own Way, commonly known as MGTOW, is something everyone should know about.

men going their own way mgtow

What the heck is this I thought when I checked it out on Reddit-

Men grilling their own cheese sandwiches and dumping women by the wayside in life? These men are striking out on their own and shrugging off silly traditional social obligations to include marriage and children.

Okay, sure, men very well may have their reasons. The thing that I realized that changed my attitude and made me a supporter was the knowledge that there is still a place for women like me in their world. It could mean a lot more enjoyable Phone Sex for me.

Just because a man may want to be alone doesn’t mean his dick should have to suffer. And if you admit that there is a value in having a woman around in any way then chatting with me is the perfect option. It is like a girlfriend experience without the complicated girlfriend part.

What a relief to know that simple and convenient Phone Sex option exists for Men Going Their Own Way.

Until next time dear reader,


ansley barely legal phone sex anal princess