Body Oil Sex… The Best Way To Warm Up A Lady

Admittedly I have had fantasies about body oil sex lately. It has been heavy on my mind since meeting a man with positively amazing hands.

body oil sex

I love being pampered so seeing him break out the fragrant oils intrigued me. It is not often that I let men get near me without having commanded them to approach me. While he was obviously not a dominant man he did have strong hands that were just enough to make me moan.

Being a Domme does afford me such luxuries on a regular basis. But this time I wanted it to last a little longer. I decided to have him give me a full frontal massage. This turned out to be a real treat for him.

Poor thing could hardly control his hard on. I wasted no time in putting him to work on my body. I paid his fervid condition no mind and encouraged him to carry on until I was sleep. The body oils were magnificent and when I woke up I saw that he no longer had his hard on.

My best guess is that he handled his erection while I was sleep and unaware. I will forgive him this time. However, I may have to lock him up in chastity in the future.

Stay tuned for more of my body oil sex chronicles. I will be live taking your Phonesex calls this Saturday night.

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Brooklyn Desire

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Super Bowl Hookers… The Biggest Weekend Of The Year Begins

Super Bowl hookers are the real main event this weekend. You can be for certain that all of your very favorite porn stars, strippers and hookers will be in attendance.

super bowl hookers 2017

Perhaps the outside world does not know about this. The adult entertainment industry often slumps around the holidays and into January. Strip club attendance in particular takes a big dip. As a woman who has worked with and befriended many strippers I can assure you that it is the best time of the year for a new girl to hit the pole to gain experience. But for the veterans it is a drag.

As a result Super Bowl is like the annual sex industry kick off. Everyone who is anyone is focused on the big game. And everyone who has money to blow is headed to Houston today. This is when the parties will really kick off. Now some working girls may be getting there via a private plane from their sugar daddy but others have headed down in their own vehicles or via coach on a commercial airline. The goal is to sell the fantasies to the highest bidder.

Sure people will be there for the game itself. But the real fun is with the hookers ready to hold their premiers in Houston’s downtown hotel rooms and VIP lounges. While we are all sure to enjoy the game (as long as the Patriots do not win) the Super Bowl hookers will be enjoying the money and sex.

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Forced Bi… Time To Get What A Fagboy Really Deserves

Forced bi, otherwise known as forced bisexuality, is really for fag boys. There. I said it.

forced bi

I have a hard time believing these guys when they say such bullshit. They want to be forced to be bisexual. When the irony is they already are. Which is why I have absolutely no sympathy or pity for them when they call.

Not even when I challenge them to expose their faggoty ways to their neighbors. Telling them to yell obscenities out of the window as men walk by is simply not enough for me. I would rather a forced bi guy impress me by giving his neighbor oral.

Please spare me the pathetic whimpers. Guys like these deserve what they get; even if it is a mouthful more than ever imagined. It is hard to respect someone so lowly and inferior.

Feeling the need to have me place you in the most uncompromising of positions? Get your credit card ready and select Brooklyn.

Until next time dear reader,

Brooklyn Desire

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